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What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is very similar to other forms of insurance. The premium is paid to the provider and if your pet becomes ill and requires veterinary treatment you make a claim to the provider for the costs incurred. The insurance provider will then pay out .
If keeping your pets healthy is something that you are passionate about,when your pet is ill or hurt only the very best veterinary care will do. But vet care for pets can be expensive and the cost of a visit to the vet can cost a lot of money.By taking out pet insurance with a reputable pet insurance company you can ease this financial burden.

If you are going to buy pet insurance, then look no further. Our commitment is to offer you excellent quality cover at a great price.

We offer affordable Pet Health Insurance.

Why you need pet insurance

People in Ireland love animals and in particular our pets with thousands of homes across Ireland having pets.
Our pets bring us endless hours of fun and entertainment and are a joy to our lives but if they get sick or unwell,medical attention will be necessary and in today’s world vets and medication do not come cheap!
In fact,if your pet gets sick or injured the cost of treatment could run into the thousand of euro.

Getting pet insurance can give you the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens with your pet’s health you will be in a position to get them the best treatment to bring them back to full health once again.

What does pet insurance cover!

Pet insurance cover can vary but by and large it will cover all medical expenses if your pet becomes ill and/or is injured in an accident up to a point.

Treatments like vaccinations or neutering, are not normally covered but please check the policy document to see what is covered.

Always be careful on the cover that you purchase as
saving a small amount on your annual pet insurance premium could prove a false economy if in the end you have to pay for some of the treatment because the cover you have is not enough.

When picking a pet insurance policy, it is therefore important to know that there are three levels of cover.
Premier plus
Please check out information on each plan here :

Purchase pet insurance with – Pet insurance cover eases the financial burden.

Note:Please bear in mind that the cheapest pet insurance is not always the best cover!

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